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6 Questions About Lingerie Youâre Too Afraid To Ask

There are certain topics that people are just too scared to ask questions about. And one of those topics is about lingerie. Not many people like talking about lingerie because it is such a sensitive issue. It involves sharing a lot of intimate details about your body and love life. You too probably also have questions about lingerie that you are too afraid of asking. If you do have these issues, you will not have to be scared anymore! All of those lingerie questions will be answered in this article.

1. Will wearing it make your sex life better? If your love life has been getting sort of boring lately, then you can fix your sex life up by wearing some lingerie to bed. It can spice things up and make your sex life exciting again. If you want to ensure that your love life remains impressive, you can change a few things by wearing some sexy lingerie whenever you are in bed. It will not change your sex life outright, but it can be a welcome bonus. It will visually make things exciting for your partner.

2. Will you get an infection from wearing lingerie?

There seems to be a persistent and unfounded rumor that tries to link STDs and urinary tract infections with wearing sexy lingerie such as thongs. Well, you should stop believing in that story, there is no basis at all in that belief about undergarments at all. As long as you regularly wash your undergarments and lingerie, you will not get any infection at all. And also as long as you practice safe sex, you should be safe from STDs too.

3. Will your partner like you more if you are in lingerie? A lot of people tend to confuse fantasy with real love. If your partner loves you, then they will be attracted to you no matter what you are wearing. However, a lot of guys fantasize about their girlfriends wearing lingerie. And they will be more attracted to you, at the moment, if you wear sexy underclothes.

4. Will wearing lingerie make you feel sexier?

It absolutely will make you feel sexier. When you put on a thong, lacy pants or thigh high tights, you are going to feel more gorgeous. While you overall physical looks will not change, your confidence and bearing certainly will. You are going to feel more confident in your body, so naturally, you are going to flaunt your sexiness if you wear lingerie.

5. Do a lot of men fantasize about women in lingerie? A lot of men may not admit it, but they have many fantasies about women wearing sexy undergarments. So you can fulfill your lover's fantasies if you wear lingerie!

6. Are there rules to wearing lingerie?

So how exactly does a person go about wearing lingerie? While there are no actual rules that you will have to follow, there are certainly some things that you can do. For example, you could tell your lover to wait in the bedroom and then walk in wearing your naughty negligee. You should look up some tips on how to wear lingerie.

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