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Satin Vs Silk Which One Do You Choose

Silk and satin are like chalk and cheese, although they appear similar, they are entirely different. The silk is a natural fabric, on the other hand, Satin is a type of weave. Both the fabrics have different composition and serve different purposes. While Silk is considered as an animal protein that is made by a kind of insects for making cocoons and webs. Satin is an artificially created fabric with the mixture of nylon, polyester, rayon, and silk. The materials are hugely popular owing to their smooth appeal. Designers across the world extensively use the materials for the creation of beautiful ensembles.

The Comparison of the fabrics

Silk is produced by the larvae of the insect and a single thread of the material need larvae from hundreds of silk worms. The mulberry silk moth is extensively cultured, by industries for commercial purpose, as silk is widely known for its smoothness. The fabric is considered both strong and beautiful as it has a glimmer appearance, which can add glamour to your wardrobe. The material is naturally produced, so it is even considered for getting back the lost collagen of the skin. Cosmetologists from across the world suggest the use of Silk, as they are high in amino acids and have a high absorption rate, which well balances the humidity and moisture content of the body. The insulating nature of the material aids in keeping a balanced body temperature, which results in good sleep and relaxation. Moreover, the material is extremely good for people suffering from allergies, as silk helps in keeping bacteria, moth, dust mites and fungi at bay. This is the reason many people prefer using them as bed sheets and pillow covers. Although the maintenance cost of the material is on the higher side, its durability can cover it up well. The price of the silk is obviously a concern, as the production is difficult, the costs also shoot up.

The artificial sibling of Silk, Satinâs appearance depends on the material, with which it has been mixed. The weave, therefore, has both a glossy and a dull appearance. It is widely used by designers for the creation of heavy trousseau, as it works excellent for pleating when compared to silk. The fabric, although, priced low does the same work like silk, but is not as comfortable and skin friendly like silk. The fabric wrinkles less, thereby chosen widely to create bridal dresses. The difference between silk and satin can be well seen by their texture. Polyester satin tends to slip while silk is just soft and subtle. Satin is created from various polymers which give it a very heavy feeling and the products created out of it are thicker compared to silk, this makes it less breathable. The maintenance of the Satin depends on its make, as it comes in both cheap and luxury varieties. But, typically Satin can be cleaned in machines, while silk strictly requires hand wash or dry cleaning, as excessive wringing can damage the material. In conclusion, the both soft and even material is a great help for industries to create beautiful products.


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