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Tips For Looking Good And Feeling Great

A potent combination

Looking good and feeling great go hand in hand, though there may be times when you feel that it is not so. It is possible that you are feeling down and yet you get dressed for an occasion hoping to look good. But the fact is that looking good and feeling great are inextricably entwined in such a way that you cannot choose one from the other.

If you feel great, you will naturally look good because it shows. The state of mind is always reflected in your looks and personality. Your face is said to be a mirror of your mind and if you are happy you will be armed with a smile. Sometimes all you need is that smile to spread the cheer and the great feeling. They do say that you are never dressed fully unless you smile!!!!

In the vice versa scenario, if you look good, you will get those appreciative looks and compliments. This in turn makes you feel good and when you feel good you look good. So, you see that is a rather delightful cycle of looking good and feeling great.

How to look good?

While most people do not need to be told what it takes to look good, a few can do with a little help and tips and tricks. The most important thing to look good and feel great is to be your own self. In other words, if in the quest for looking good you try to imitate others, it may not work. In fact, it can even prove to be disastrous.

If you love yourself, you will try to take time out. It is important to know you are worth the time and effort. Instead of imitating people, it is essential to understand what works for you. God made all things beautiful, so there is something in everyone. Each of us is blessed with a few assets that stand out from others. The key is to understand this and enhance our high points while deftly hiding the not so strong ones.

A few tips to keep in mind

While everyone needs to find out through trial and error and experience as to what works for them, here are a few tips that can stand in good stead.

Choose your clothes wisely. Go for those colors that accentuate your traits and blends well with your body.

Make the best of your clothes. Don't keep those good dresses in the wardrobe waiting for occasions. If you feel that you look good in some attire use every excuse to wear it.

Depending on your skin tones and occasion, decide on the makeup plan. It is essential not to overdo it. But then, you also need to ensure that you don't look too blank and ordinary with no makeup at all. Learn to balance it out.

Embrace positivity. There is nothing like it to make you feel great and put you in a happy frame of mind. And when you feel great, you automatically make the right choices. Most of all it brings out a glow, a certain vibe those around you can feel it too.


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