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How To Grow Your Eyelashes

Tips on how to grow your own eyelashe. Try these tips to get long and thick eyelashes:

1. Start by trimming your eyelashes Many people make the mistake of plucking , and but don't know that plucking is one of the biggest causes of eyelash loss. No plucking and trimming is actually one of the better decisions you can make.

2. What you eat Having 2 fruits and 3 glasses of water with every meal will help to boost eyelash growth and vegetables will accelerate the process of thickening the lashes. Make sure to cleanse your lashes with a cleanser recommended for lashes 2 times a day.

3. Petroleum Jelly This is an easy way for you to handle and achieve natural thick and long eyelashes. This brush helps to massage the eyelids and use eyelash enhancers for them to appear long.

4. Green Tea This helps to length and thickness as well and results can be seen after 1 month. Make sure you have no side effects when using Green tea.

5. Olive oil Another good product to use for perfect hair growth. It ensures that lashes become thick. Once you have got the length you desire you can stop using the oil.

6. Eye makeup removal At the end of the day make sure to remove all make up including mascara which is known to delay the growth of hair if it stays on the lashes for long periods of time.

7. Lemon peals soaked in olive Use juice or paste made with olive oil and lemon peals to help thicken and elongate your lashes. apply it to your lashes daily.

8. Short cut til your natural lashes fills in. Until you grow out or thicken your natural eyelashes, one may consider false eyelashes. They are buy purchased cheaply at Walmart or CVS. Try Ardell Glamour Lashes or Salon Perfect Lashes for quality and value. These are widely available at beauty shoppes or find discount ardell false eyelashes online at This site is my all time favorite with great prices, jamazing selections and fast shipping. They also sell a product called Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator which is a castor oil based lash and brow growth formula to thicken up and grow and strenghten your eyelashes. Use them morning and night, and in about 2 months my eyelashes are visibly longer and thicker.

Conclusion: You can avoid the attention and money spent on false lashes with these simple tips to help promote and grow your natural lashes. Before your lashes grow out, ou can try false lashes in the mean time. Avoid pulling out or plucking your natural lashes to help maintaining your already natural ones.

Choosing The Right Hair Straightener

If you're in the market for a new hair straightener, there are a lot of things you will have to consider. Many women don't know what they should be looking for women they buy a flat iron. They can be fairly confusing, especially if you're not familiar with styling tools. Thankfully, this simple guide will help you find a straightener that's right for you.

Choose The Right Type Of Straightener

There are several different types of straighteners on the market. The most popular type of straightening tool is a flat iron. This is a tool that allows a woman to place her hair between two flat paddles. When she runs her locks through it, she can get straight and silky hair.

While straight irons are popular, they definitely aren't the only option out there. Blow drier brushes are also fairly popular. This is a round or flat brush that has a blow dryer inside of it. This can give you more volume that a flat iron can.

Women should spend some time comparing different kinds of straighteners so that they can find one that suits their needs.

Selecting A Straightener That's Right For Your Hair

Obviously, not every woman has the same type of hair. It is important for women to find a tool that will work well for them.

One of the most important things to look at is the size of the straightener. If you have fairly thick hair, you will probably want a straightener that is larger. This will allow you to handle more hair at once.

On the other hand, if you have thin hair, or if your hair is very short, a smaller straightener may work best. You can straighten you hair one small section at a time.

Look for a straightener that will compliment your hair type.

Locating The Best Products

Once you've decided what kind of product you need, you will have to choose the tool you're going to purchase. If you're planning on buying a flat iron, you should look for something that is ceramic or has ceramic plating. A product like this will provide your hair with some extra protection.

You should also look for a product that has a lot of positive reviews. If possible, you should try to find reviews that include before and after photos. That way, you can see how well the product actually works.

You may want to spend some time looking at the tools that your friends use. Find out whether or not they're satisfied with their own straightener.

Take your time and evaluate all kinds of options. Look for a product that you'll be able to use and enjoy for years.

If you buy the right hair straightener, you'll easily be able to straighten your hair every morning. Other women will admire how silky and smooth your tresses are. Look around and find a straightener that will work well with the kind of hair you have. Do your homework and buy a product that you'll love.

Tips For A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle will make your heart healthier. Here are some factors you can apply in your routine to look after your heart.

Stretch it out: Regular exercise makes you more limber and helps you relax, and also combats stress. Recent research indicates that regular exercise, running and elliptical machine workous have positive effects on the body, and is important for a healthy heart.

Be a kid: Exercise doesnÕt have to be so boring. So plan to go out for playing golf, skating or swimming and you can burn an average of 600 calories that helps you get in shape.

Just move it: A study found that sitting for long periods of time could decrease your life and put you at increased risk for heart disease. It seems that being a couch potato has lasting harmful effects on the body. At your work areas or at home, always work in breaks during your day.

Make time for breakfast: One shouldn't skip the first meal of the day. Have healthy breakfast like whole grains, low-fat protein, low-fat dairy products and fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Give-up smokingÑno ifs and or buts: This foul habit is one of the top risk factors for heart problems. I recommend quitting this addiction to make a huge difference in your health, and to save your heart.

Sip a healthy cup: Green or black tea makes immense positive effects on health. Studies that focus on black and green tea effects show that consumption of tea can improve health.

Say cheese: Not only on social platforms, but really laughing is good for your heart. Research shows that laughing helps relieve the stress that affects the tissue that creates the blood vessels and helps increase your blood flow. It also promotes the strong functionality of blood vessels. A good smile does more than keep your pearly whites gleaming. It supports your overall health. Researchers suggest that diseases including cardiovascular, coronary and artery diseases may be connected to our oral health.

Walk it off: Next time you feel overwhelmed or feel sad just take a five-minute walk. That will do wonders for you and clear your head. It will also lower your stress level.

Let the melody move you: Whether it is during elliptical machine workouts or any kind of exercise that gets your body moving, use music. Enjoy it. Dancing is another great exercise with music. It raises heart rate, burns approximately 150 to 300 calories an hour, and lasts heart-healthy effects. Be aware of your numbers: Always keep a record of your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and pulse rate. Regular checking of these things is important for a healthy heart. Learn about ideal levels, consult with your doctor and never skip your regular checkups and physical examinations.