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How To Get A Beach Body In Four Weeks

When you have the perfect beach body then flaunting your body and abs can be really enjoyable while you are in your swim suit in the beach. But if you are not yet in shape, there are a lot of proven ways to get in shape quickly. You can get a beach body in just four weeks if you are just a few extra pounds. Shedding the extra fat will take three to four weeks to reveal the lean muscles under them if you exercise regularly. Here is how to get started.

Exercising with a stability ball

You need a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells of four to eight pounds for this exercise. Sit on the stability ball with both dumbbells in either hand. Now walk forth to let the ball slide towards the upper back until your shoulders and the head rests on the ball, and the legs rest on the ground while knees are folded perpendicular. Now stretch out your hands holding dumbbells in the perpendicular to the body. While the left arm is stretched, pull back the right arm such that the elbow sits flat on the ball and is in perpendicular to the body and the forearm. Now stretch out the left arm while pulling back the right arm in same style. Repeat it twelve times with each arm. Next, do twelve to fifteen reps of crunches on the ball.

Arm tone up with dumbbells

Stand with feet placed wider than shoulders. Hold a four to eight pounds dumbbell with your right hand in front in between legs. Now do a half squat, while you drop the hand with dumbbell slightly towards ground. Now as you stand straight lift the right hand in front simultaneously to shoulder level, palm facing outwards opposite you. And then stretch the right hand above your head lifting the weight. Hold for a second, and lower the hand back to shoulder position, and then again to lower ground level. This makes one rep. Repeat minimum twelve reps with each hand. After this exercise, do twelve to fifteen reps of pushups.

Do some Cardio in between

Performing cardio exercises in between strength training and muscle toning exercises makes the body lose more fat faster. Swimming, running, jogging, walking, jumping jacks, and skipping, all are various forms of cardio exercises, and you may pick any as per convenience to do in between crunches, squats, and pushups.

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How To Grow Your Eyelashes

Tips on how to grow your own eyelashe. Try these tips to get long and thick eyelashes:

1. Start by trimming your eyelashes Many people make the mistake of plucking , and but don't know that plucking is one of the biggest causes of eyelash loss. No plucking and trimming is actually one of the better decisions you can make.

2. What you eat Having 2 fruits and 3 glasses of water with every meal will help to boost eyelash growth and vegetables will accelerate the process of thickening the lashes. Make sure to cleanse your lashes with a cleanser recommended for lashes 2 times a day.

3. Petroleum Jelly This is an easy way for you to handle and achieve natural thick and long eyelashes. This brush helps to massage the eyelids and use eyelash enhancers for them to appear long.

4. Green Tea This helps to length and thickness as well and results can be seen after 1 month. Make sure you have no side effects when using Green tea.

5. Olive oil Another good product to use for perfect hair growth. It ensures that lashes become thick. Once you have got the length you desire you can stop using the oil.

6. Eye makeup removal At the end of the day make sure to remove all make up including mascara which is known to delay the growth of hair if it stays on the lashes for long periods of time.

7. Lemon peals soaked in olive Use juice or paste made with olive oil and lemon peals to help thicken and elongate your lashes. apply it to your lashes daily.

8. Short cut til your natural lashes fills in. Until you grow out or thicken your natural eyelashes, one may consider false eyelashes. They are buy purchased cheaply at Walmart or CVS. Try Ardell Glamour Lashes or Salon Perfect Lashes for quality and value. These are widely available at beauty shoppes or find discount ardell false eyelashes online at This site is my all time favorite with great prices, jamazing selections and fast shipping. They also sell a product called Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator which is a castor oil based lash and brow growth formula to thicken up and grow and strenghten your eyelashes. Use them morning and night, and in about 2 months my eyelashes are visibly longer and thicker.

Conclusion: You can avoid the attention and money spent on false lashes with these simple tips to help promote and grow your natural lashes. Before your lashes grow out, ou can try false lashes in the mean time. Avoid pulling out or plucking your natural lashes to help maintaining your already natural ones.