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Makeup Tips

Everyone wants to look good, and you can achieve that by applying the right makeup. However, you cannot just use any product and apply it without considering some factors like your skin tone and facial features. With the aid of the makeup tips mentioned here, showing the world how beautiful you are is possible.

1. Swipe your foundation on the right direction. Professionals recommend using your fingers for little coverage. For more coverage, a sponge is necessary to apply it properly. For daily use, dab the foundation only in specific areas where you need it, such as in your T-zone to even it out or in areas where redness and pimples are visible.

2. Apply concealer only after you have put on your foundation. Applying it before putting your foundation is not recommended as it only causes you to use more than necessary. The foundation will also serve as a base, thereby preventing the concealer from forming creases.

3. Hold the brush correctly when applying foundation. It should be at the end of the brush. While it gives you less control, the touch will also be softer and gentler, making the finish look more natural.

4. Do not complicate your eye makeup routine. You only need three basic items medium-shade neutral shadow, smudged dark eyeliner and mascara. The good news is that you can dress up this trio in many ways. One way is to accessorize it with winged eyeliner, false lashes or dark eyeshadow, especially if youre planning to enjoy a night out.

5. Heat up your eyelash curler. Prior to using your lash curler, heat it up slightly (around 3-4 seconds) using your hairdryer. This tip produces the same effects a curling iron provides to your hair.

6. Apply a bronzer in your face, chest and neck. This helps in making your skin tone look more even.

7. Start with a base eyeshadow. The base should be free of any shimmer, and it should match your faces lightest skin tone. This helps ensure that your eyeshadows blend properly. 8. Determine the shape of your face, so you can apply the blush in a way that it highlights your best features. Aside from adding color, blush also works in contouring and defining your cheekbones. Applying the most suitable blush for your facial shape can accentuate your best features while also softening those that are not that prominent.

9. Use DIY tinted moisturizer. This type of moisturizer works the same way as a BB cream. It hides imperfections while still maintaining your natural look. All you have to do is to mix your facial moisturizer with a small amount of concealer. You can then apply it naturally on your face.

These are just few of the many makeup tips that you can use. Just make sure to find the best products that will highlight all your facial features and apply them in a way that is flattering to you.

Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery is fast gaining popularity across the globe. In 2014 alone, the association of plastic surgeons reported that about 15 million cosmetic surgeries were conducted .One of the growing trends is the tightening of body parts after massive weight loss. Reports show that women make up to 92% of patients however; there are procedures that are more common with men. Most of the patients going for plastic surgeries are aged between 40 and 54. In this post we take a look at the most popular plastic surgery trends.

1. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery trend across the globe with over 250,000 women undergoing the procedure in the U.S alone in 2014. The process involves the insertion of implants in the breasts to give them shape and make them firm. Two types of implants; silicone and saline are used in the procedure with the former being the most common in about 77% of the surgeries.

2. Nose Job

The nose job is another popular plastic surgery trend that is fast gaining popularity. In 2014, over 200,000 nose job surgeries were undertaken in the U.S. The surgery is undertaken to reshape and improve the proportion of the nose and in some instance to correct breathing problems.

3. Liposuction

Liposuction is another fast growing plastic surgery trend across the globe with a report increase of about 5% in the number of surgeries each year. The procedure is carried out to remove excess deposits of body fat using a vacuum pump. The procedure is more common among people aged between 35 and 55. Expenses incurred will vary greatly depending on the city where you get your surgery done. Liposuction cost Miami for instance would be higher than say in Tuscaloosa.

4. Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery has also seen a tremendous increase in the number of people undergoing the procedure with over 210,000 operations in 2014. The procedure aims at improving the appearance of an individuals upper or lower eyelids; some people have the procedure in both the top and bottom eyelids. It is also helpful in removing saggy skin, excess fats, and wrinkles.

5. Facelift Surgery

With over 120,000 surgeries reported in the U.S in 2014, facelift surgery is another cosmetic procedure that is gaining popularity. It is a process that enhances the visible signs of aging in the neck and face. It also gets rid of saggy skin in the face as well as deep creases in the eyelids, nasal area as well as the corners of the mouth.

6. Chest Reduction

There are reports of an increase in the number of men undergoing surgeries to reduce the breasts. The process known as gynecomastia saw 30,000 men undergo the procedure in 2014, a 14% increase from 2013.