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Women's Fashion Has Always Been About More Than Just Style

The last 50 years have arguably seen the most dramatic shifts in fashion trends than any other time in history. Even if you look back only a generation or two, the styles that you would see are drastically different than today's trends, and mainly for a good reason. Fashion has always been a portrait of the times from a social and political point of view, often reflecting the best and worse of what society values at a particular time in history. As the trend line no doubt continues to run away from the conservative dress codes of our grandparents, to the more liberal styles of today's pop stars or even dressing in a furry suit if we choose, the reality is that fashion is a progressive movement that will not be stopped.

Purses are a great example of how fashion trend lines have progressed over the century. Purses at one point were large and bulky, often because the woman had to carry a lot of things for the family, making it more of a tote bag then a fashion statement. Over the years, purses have evolved to become smaller and sleeker, and now are often being replaced by a simple wallet only carrying the necessities. Purses in a way signify the feminism movement, showing that women no longer have to carry such heavy burdens if they choose against it.

High-heels have become one of the most iconic symbols of not only contemporary fashion trends but a reflection of the times. Back in the day, heels were more flat, wide, and did not promote a lot of detail. Now, things like Louis Vuitton Red Bottoms or opened-toes are an iconic product and give another example of how far fashion trends have come over the century. Also, now finding a color of high-heels in every flavor is are must for many closets around the world because you never know what might be needed to complete the perfect outfit flawlessly.

The beauty of contemporary fashion is that there are no expectations for what classifies as being in style. In fact, over the years, there has been another shift in fashion towards more casual and comfortable. Brands like Ugg have become household staples, sending a signal that causal dressing, being happy and comfortable, and not feeling the need to prove anything to someone else is a virtue in society. At the end of the day, the term fashion will always maintain different meanings to different people. However, it has and always will be about more than just style alone.

7 Checklist Items For Summer Accessories

Being a girl, society is always accustomed to seeing us in stylish and elegant look and though no matter how we convince ourselves that we do not mind how people see us, it adds to our confidence if people find us pleasing and presentable. As months of summer approaching, we are just in tuned to give you just the right advice for your summer accessories so check it out below:

1. Hat An elegant wide shield hat like a bohemian-style hat is very appropriate for summer. Decorate it with thin fabric or bandana around its base and it can perfectly match your summer outfit.

2. Sunglasses You might just think that sunglasses look similar all in all but think again! We have just discovered the sunglasses in cat's eyes shape that is really great to protect your expressive eyes against the ray of the sun.

3. Scarf/ Bandana Whether you can just tie it on your wrist or use it as a headband, a scarf can also wipe off the sweat of summer heat. If you are stylish you can also wear it on top of your swim suit. Aside from its necessary use, you can also accent your outfit with a scarf to make it more stylish and trendy.

4. Summer Sandal Are you ready to stroll the beach? Then bring summer sandal instead of slippers. Pick the sandal that won't wear out even you step on wet surface or waves reached your feet. There are different styles of summer sandals you can find in the local shop and you will always get something that could pair your summer attire.

5. Belt If you want to wear summer dress then don't go out with it alone. Plain is boring! Try to give it a little twist by wearing a belt and you will see just how it look pretty well in your summer dress. Match it with your summer sandal to have a more comfy and refreshing feeling all day long.

6. Waterproof Wrist Watch When you go out to have fun, you may not want to keep checking your mobile for time. It is good to have a wrist that is waterproof so you do not have a problem if you get caught in the rain or splash on water.

7. Clutch Bag A wise woman knows she should not be out without a clutch bag so grab one too. There is nothing more that could look a lady more feminine than when she goes out with a clutch bag on her hand. For evening fun outdoor you can bring an envelope clutch bag. It will give extra space for your beauty care products, coins, and mobile so you can keep them in one place.

Our list above is intended to give you a fabulous summer look that is suitable for the humid weather. Try to see how you can get those items to accent your outfit and you are ready to parade and have some fun with your friends.

Satin Vs Silk Which One Do You Choose

Silk and satin are like chalk and cheese, although they appear similar, they are entirely different. The silk is a natural fabric, on the other hand, Satin is a type of weave. Both the fabrics have different composition and serve different purposes. While Silk is considered as an animal protein that is made by a kind of insects for making cocoons and webs. Satin is an artificially created fabric with the mixture of nylon, polyester, rayon, and silk. The materials are hugely popular owing to their smooth appeal. Designers across the world extensively use the materials for the creation of beautiful ensembles.

The Comparison of the fabrics

Silk is produced by the larvae of the insect and a single thread of the material need larvae from hundreds of silk worms. The mulberry silk moth is extensively cultured, by industries for commercial purpose, as silk is widely known for its smoothness. The fabric is considered both strong and beautiful as it has a glimmer appearance, which can add glamour to your wardrobe. The material is naturally produced, so it is even considered for getting back the lost collagen of the skin. Cosmetologists from across the world suggest the use of Silk, as they are high in amino acids and have a high absorption rate, which well balances the humidity and moisture content of the body. The insulating nature of the material aids in keeping a balanced body temperature, which results in good sleep and relaxation. Moreover, the material is extremely good for people suffering from allergies, as silk helps in keeping bacteria, moth, dust mites and fungi at bay. This is the reason many people prefer using them as bed sheets and pillow covers. Although the maintenance cost of the material is on the higher side, its durability can cover it up well. The price of the silk is obviously a concern, as the production is difficult, the costs also shoot up.

The artificial sibling of Silk, Satinâs appearance depends on the material, with which it has been mixed. The weave, therefore, has both a glossy and a dull appearance. It is widely used by designers for the creation of heavy trousseau, as it works excellent for pleating when compared to silk. The fabric, although, priced low does the same work like silk, but is not as comfortable and skin friendly like silk. The fabric wrinkles less, thereby chosen widely to create bridal dresses. The difference between silk and satin can be well seen by their texture. Polyester satin tends to slip while silk is just soft and subtle. Satin is created from various polymers which give it a very heavy feeling and the products created out of it are thicker compared to silk, this makes it less breathable. The maintenance of the Satin depends on its make, as it comes in both cheap and luxury varieties. But, typically Satin can be cleaned in machines, while silk strictly requires hand wash or dry cleaning, as excessive wringing can damage the material. In conclusion, the both soft and even material is a great help for industries to create beautiful products.

Buy French - Visually Appealing Lingerie

The term lingerie is derived from the French word linge, meaning "linen." In French, lingerie applies to all undergarments for either sex. French culture is famous for its fashion as well as easy and effortless style. As lingerie has become more alluring through time, French fashion designers have to create lingerie that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

French designed lingerie is special - their styles are meant to have the perfect balance of class and alluring designs. This type of allure is called la seduction voilee - which stands for the veiled seduction.

French culture finds seduction by revealing just enough; allowing room for the mind to wander. French women are well-known for buying lingerie for themselves, not for others. Their lingerie is designed to promote confidence while still maintaining great quality and support.

French designers use the highest quality materials to construct their bras, panties, garter belts and more. French culture places high value on their lingerie - meaning that shopping French will yield a higher quality in design, fabric, and styles. Furthermore, French culture promotes self-confidence and beauty, and buying their lingerie furthers that, even if you're not French! Here's why!

1. Self-Confidence French culture is well-known for their self-confidence and allure. The fashion is high quality and still versatile and functional. Why? Some believe that we give off an energy and that even our fashion choices can impact that. Wearing beautiful lingerie - whether it's to work or a night out - empowers us. Your lingerie makes you feel sexy and promotes your own self-confidence and self-esteem. Look beautiful and feel beautiful, all at once.

2. Practicality Owning quality lingerie is not just a boost for your self confidence - it actually decreases the chance of muscle aches, back aches, and soreness over your body. The qualities of French style are often described as "effortless," or "undone," but that's only how they're perceived. The time and effort they spend on their fashion, specifically lingerie, is unmatchable anywhere else in the world.

3. Quality

From the fabric chosen, the colors worn, and the design - French lingerie is the highest quality available. Not only is it designed to aesthetically pleasing, it's designed to have high comfort levels and be ultimately invisible (if the wearer would like it to be).

French fashion is unsurpassable. Women from all around the world venture to Paris to shop for lingerie and it's very clear why. The prices vary from location to location, but you'll most definitely see an increase here. Why? It's worth it. The quality of the fabric, the self confidence it promotes, all the way down to the basic practicality makes French lingerie your best option.

6 Questions About Lingerie Youâre Too Afraid To Ask

There are certain topics that people are just too scared to ask questions about. And one of those topics is about lingerie. Not many people like talking about lingerie because it is such a sensitive issue. It involves sharing a lot of intimate details about your body and love life. You too probably also have questions about lingerie that you are too afraid of asking. If you do have these issues, you will not have to be scared anymore! All of those lingerie questions will be answered in this article.

1. Will wearing it make your sex life better? If your love life has been getting sort of boring lately, then you can fix your sex life up by wearing some lingerie to bed. It can spice things up and make your sex life exciting again. If you want to ensure that your love life remains impressive, you can change a few things by wearing some sexy lingerie whenever you are in bed. It will not change your sex life outright, but it can be a welcome bonus. It will visually make things exciting for your partner.

2. Will you get an infection from wearing lingerie?

There seems to be a persistent and unfounded rumor that tries to link STDs and urinary tract infections with wearing sexy lingerie such as thongs. Well, you should stop believing in that story, there is no basis at all in that belief about undergarments at all. As long as you regularly wash your undergarments and lingerie, you will not get any infection at all. And also as long as you practice safe sex, you should be safe from STDs too.

3. Will your partner like you more if you are in lingerie? A lot of people tend to confuse fantasy with real love. If your partner loves you, then they will be attracted to you no matter what you are wearing. However, a lot of guys fantasize about their girlfriends wearing lingerie. And they will be more attracted to you, at the moment, if you wear sexy underclothes.

4. Will wearing lingerie make you feel sexier?

It absolutely will make you feel sexier. When you put on a thong, lacy pants or thigh high tights, you are going to feel more gorgeous. While you overall physical looks will not change, your confidence and bearing certainly will. You are going to feel more confident in your body, so naturally, you are going to flaunt your sexiness if you wear lingerie.

5. Do a lot of men fantasize about women in lingerie? A lot of men may not admit it, but they have many fantasies about women wearing sexy undergarments. So you can fulfill your lover's fantasies if you wear lingerie!

6. Are there rules to wearing lingerie?

So how exactly does a person go about wearing lingerie? While there are no actual rules that you will have to follow, there are certainly some things that you can do. For example, you could tell your lover to wait in the bedroom and then walk in wearing your naughty negligee. You should look up some tips on how to wear lingerie.

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